Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fun Training Weekend!

I had an awesome training run last weekend, one of the final prep weekends before the Bighorn 100.  Saturday was a 39 mile run around Capitol Forest in Olympia - climbing everything and anything that went up.  The run had about 7,500 feet of gain - so nothing too horrible but definitely a good training run in the forest.  Josh joined me and we had fun running both Capitol Peak and Larch Mountain several times.  I felt awesome and easily could have run plenty more.  A good sign for Bighorn! 

The training weekend continued with leading a pace team for the Capital City Marathon in Olympia.  I helped organize the pace teams and led the 4:45 group for the entire race.  I felt very strong and the legs weren't tired from the long run.  Another good sign! 


  1. You are amazing. I wuss out after about 15 miles and you're running 60 in one weekend! Incredible.

  2. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling more than ready for Bighorn. How exciting. And, I agree with Amy N., you are amazing!