Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Skirt by any Other Name IS NOT the Same!

LADIES! (and Gents, but we'll get to that later) Let me give you a tip when it comes to running gear. GET A SKIRT.  I started wearing skirts 2 years ago and never looked back.  And not just any skirt, an INK N BURN SKIRT!  I've tried just about every brand of skirt out there and the skirts from Ink N Burn just blow them away.  Competition isn't even close.  I'm so fanatical about the Ink N Burn skirts that I am known as the "skirt girl" among the ambassadors.  I have very good taste and only wear the best.  Let me save you time, money and worry and give you more reasons to buy one.  All of these reasons are some of why I'm honestly SMILING on every single run!!! 


*10.  The fabric is out of this world.  It's wicking without being flimsy.  It keeps its shape and moves with you like that supportive and beautiful friend you wish could keep up with you. 

9.  Water? No problem!  This baby is a champ in the wet.  Keeps you feeling dry even in pouring rain, dries quickly when the rain lets up and won't chafe you anywhere.  I'm from the PNW, I am an expert in rainy running - you heard it here first, I've never had chafing with these skirts! 

8.  Elastic is for the birds.  The waistband is ultra comfortable, flattering and not pinching.  It flatters even those of us who have had kids!  Yet it's not tight and restrictive so as to cause GI distress.  Want to flaunt your abs?  It folds down to show your stuff too.  In short, it's genius. 

*7.  You're not buying cheap junk.  All Ink N Burn gear is made in California by real people who really care about the product.  They stand by everything they make and use a handcrafted process to manufacture their gear.  Their passion and dedication shows and you will feel connected to them each piece you wear. 

6.  The shorts stand alone.  The skirt has an inner short so you don't flash your competition as you bury them on climbs.  They are the most comfortable shorts I've ever worn and they offer great coverage without getting in your way under this rad skirt. They don't ride up and they don't chafe.  The bomb! 

*5. You will turn heads.  Ink N Burn is so cool and so unique that you will be the envy of all who see you.  I'm not exaggerating when I say I get compliments from friends and strangers alike every time I wear my gear.  Who doesn't like compliments?  It's 'cuz you look good!

*4. Wearing Ink N Burn makes you faster.  This is a proven phenomenon by at least a dozen of my friends, you will run faster because you look good.  Dress for success - put your best gear forward.  The competition is distracted (and jealous of your gear) and the fabric feels so good you rocket forward... don't believe me?  Try it.

*3. Wear your mood. Own it.  Ink N Burn has a huge variety of designs and eye popping colors.  I have so much fun dressing for my mood and for the run I plan to do.  Speed? Distance? Hills? Each brings a different design and a way to show off that inner beast just begging to be let out on the run. 

*2.  They're almost giving it away!  When you register on you can use my insider discount code to get 15% off your first order.  Enter code JenToldMe for the sweet discount on your bling. 

*1. All the cool kids are doing it!  Wearing Ink N Burn turns you into a badass the moment you put it on.  I get comments all the time that I'm a badass trail runner and rocking a skirt to boot.  It's the skirt talking, it turns you into a badass.  Let your competition know that you are a force to be reckoned with! 

And Gents, you're thinking I forgot about you, right?  Never!  Not only do you get to see us ladies sporting the best skirts (and legs) on earth, but Ink N Burn wouldn't leave you high and dry either!  All of the *'s above refer to Ink N Burn gear in general, not just the skirts.  They have technical t's, shorts, tanks, long sleeve and even polo's for you.  If the ladies  you're chasing are wearing Ink N Burn I assure you they will take more notice of you if you wear Ink N Burn too.  Get yourself some.  Distance yourself from the competition in every way! 


  1. You almost have me convinced to wear a skirt. I have to admit I'm not much of a skirt gal though!

  2. LOVE! I have been so into the Women's shorts, I haven't purchased a skirt YET. It'll be soon though, very soon!